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MTI­­ Institute ( Formerly MTII Institute) is a non-profit institute for Innovation and Technology. The official name of the Institute is Mogadishu Technology and Innovation Institute abbreviated as MTI Institute, MTI stands for the development of skills of Somali youth, especially in the areas of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

At the beginning of this century, especially in the last 20 years, the rising unemployment rate has affected societies in developing countries, including Somalia, and in particular 73.5% of the Somali population are young people, most of whom have completed their first-Degree (Bachelor) at the universities, given the technological advances in the world, a large number of young Somalis who are currently unemployed can create jobs if they have access to digital skills training, Incubation and Mentoring.

MTI Institute, which has a deep understanding of these needs, has developed vocational training, Job creation and skill-Up programs.

Innovation, Creativity, and Technology are three key pillars of the modern world. They each have the power to change the world, and improve the lives of people everywhere. But without the right education and training, many people are left behind. The world’s biggest companies are now investing in education and training to help their employees become better innovators, creators, and technologists.

The world of business is changing. Companies are now realizing the importance of investing in education and training for their employees so that they can become better innovators, creators, and technologists. The biggest companies in the world are now investing in education and training to help their employees become better innovators, creators, and technologists.
The Innovation Hubs are  new program in our country that has started to help us innovate and use new technology. It will provide us with the resources, education and training, and support we need to take our skills to the next level. The Innovation Hub is designed to help us come up with the best ideas, learn how to use the latest technology to make our startups better, and work together to build the best products for our community. we’re excited for the Innovation Hub to begin, and I can’t wait to see what we can all build together.
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Core ValuesWe Believe in Building Strong Brands and Integrated Strategies.


The Institute is committed to develop our community, deploy innovation, and foster entrepreneurship


We seek to provide best practices: high quality services and initiatives surpass our stakeholders’ expectations


We are passionate about bringing Somali's innovators together to create a better and more sustainable future.

Our people make us uniqueOur main point is to experiment and remove barriers to new ideas


Abdullahi Mohamed



Adnan Abdukadir

Head, Innovation and Technology


Yahye Abdirahman

Head, Quality Control


Amaal Dahir

Head, Women's Empowerment


Mohamed Mahad

Coordinator, CS50xMogadishu

Advisory Board